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About Us

PPSECOU is to innovate and redefine private safe deposit service for business and individuals seeking protection of their valuable assets.

We are specialized in safekeeping of all valuables and natural minirals as our company operates across the world

We are a global gold safety keeping company operating across the world. Our client’s demands has expanded in this age of international terrorism to include a new approach for the security of their valuables and properties. This service goes beyond normal confidential work and the risks involved in theft, robbery, foul play, and assault; security has become indispensable to the overall performance of people and business assets.

We provide our clients with the peace of mind they enjoy by providing efficient service, mastering surveillance and intervention techniques. We provide individuals and businesses with vault-secured protection of important documents, jewelry and precious metals e.g. Gold, diamonds etc. Our vault and identification access procedures guarantee our clients uncompromising efficiency, privacy and security .

Why Safekeeping? Increasing numbers of Companies throughout the world are choosing the Safekeeping option when it comes to protecting documents. Think of the service as the best insurance you can buy for you and your clients’ valuable or important documents.